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College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration
  Day Course Night Course
Business Administration 75 32
Accounting and Information 70  
Management System Science 65
International Business 65
Annual Intake 275 32


Spun off from the College of Economics, the College of Business Administration was established in June 1967. At present, the college consists of four departments: Business Administration, Accounting and Information, Management System Science and International Business. The Department of Business Administration offers night course for people working during the day.

The college places emphasis on internationalization, as is demonstrated by the fact that many international students enroll in the program. What is significant about the program is that students are free to register for curses outside their own department; they can cover all aspects of business administration if they wish.

After graduation, students move on to various fields, becoming business leaders of major Japanese corporations, public servants, certified public accountants, postgraduate students, and so on.

Department of Business Administration

The modern business world operates in a very complicated and competitive environment. The Department of Business Administration provides systematic and integrated education regarding the organizational structures and activities of corporations, as well as the environment that surrounds them. The department also has an evening course for people working during the day.

Department of Accounting and Information

Commonly referred to as “the language of business,” accounting is necessary for all organizations to explain the modern business management. This department systematically educates students to understand this area, from the basics to the applications.

Department of Management System Science

It is important for any business to understand their internal activities in econometrics. This department instructs students to learn the effective use of the managerial resources of a corporation, based on scientific and systematic methodologies.

Department of International Business

Today, more and more corporations conduct their business in a globalizing economy than ever before. This department provides education that enables students to pursue solutions to overcome the types of managerial dilemmas that are found within corporations.

Affiliated Research Facilities

Research Library

The Research Library is equipped with essentially all the resources necessary to conduct academic research on business management. This library houses both domestic and international academic journals, bulletins from other universities, annual reports of major European and American corporations, a comprehensive selection of financial statements, publications of white papers from government agencies, and dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Information Center

The center is equipped with a large number of new computers. Students are free to use them to write papers and conduct researches using the Internet. The center supports such curriculums as Business Information, Business Game, and computer-aided instruction activities for accounting subjects.

Research Promotion Office

The Research Promotion Office supports classes and practical work conducted at the Information Center. It is also home to the Society for Business Administration of Yokohama National University, where the academic journal “Yokohama Business Review” is published.

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