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College of Economics

College of Economics
Economic Systems Economics 95
Law and Economics 20
International Economics 115
Annual Intake 230


Established in 1949 as one of the three original colleges, the College of Economics follows the great tradition of the former Yokohama Commercial College.

The college prides itself in contributing to the advancement of economic sciences and legal studies. Every year many aspiring students apply for entrance, and after an intensive period of training in economic thought and research, they successfully graduate as competent experts in their fields.

Recognized internationally as a center of economic study, an array of nationalities are represented in the college as lecturers, researchers and students. The College of Economics promotes cultural diversity and host many international students both on scholarships and self-funded.

Department of Economics Systems

The department offers two specializations: “Economics” and “Law and Economics”. Economics prepare students to have a clear understanding of economic mechanisms and to be able to recognize socioeconomic problems in systematic ways. Law and Economics concentrates understanding the complex nature of economic phenomena and corporate activities from both legal and economic points of view.

Department of International Economics

The department focuses on regional studies in relation to the structure of international economics. What sets this department apart its emphasis on understanding the integration of international economics from a global perspective, as well as the characteristics of each region. Students will be trained to become members of society who have keen insights on how to change Japan’s role in the global economy.

Pre-Arrival Admission

The College of Economics adopts pre-arrival admission system for international students residing outside of Japan. This system enables international students to apply for admission in their home countries to be research students (Kenkyu-sei).

Euro-Japan Dialogue

Every year, the college holds Euro-Japan Dialogue: a week-long debate trip to partner universities in Europe. Through discussions on global economic issues, this trip aims to provide students with an excellent opportunity for developing their English language competences and for socializing with European students.

Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia (CESSA)

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