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College of Education

College of Education
School Education 230
Annual Intake 230

Important Notice on the change of the college’s name and the termination of student recruitment at the Department of Human Sciences from April 2017 PDFファイルが開きます


The College of Education educates students and conducts research based on the concepts of advanced information literacy, knowledge networking skills and environmental and community awareness.

By providing a solid educational background, the college aims to train its students to become school teachers as well as active citizens who are capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly globalized society.

Department of School Education

The main objective of this department is to provide future elementary school teachers with the practical knowledge and essential skills necessary for coping with the significant and recent changes in elementary school education. The department is composed of three specializations: Human Development, School Subject Education, and Special Education for Disabled Children.

Distinctive Programs

Postgraduate Program (one-year) for Teacher Certificate in Special Education

The Course was started in 1973 to provide opportunities for in-service training to teachers. Applicants must have completed college-level education and possess a standard Teacher Certificate.

There are three Programs to choose from: education for those with special learning needs, education for the physically handicapped, and education for the deaf.

In each Program students attend lectures on specific educational needs. They also undertake practice teaching in special schools. Students may obtain a Certificate of Special Education within one year.

Basic Program for Teaching Japanese
The course can be taken by students of any specialization as their minor. They can acquire necessary knowledge to teach Japanese as a second language.

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