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Graduate School of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
  Master's course Doctoral course
Materials Science and Engineering 99 12
Systems Integration 101 13
Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering 122 16
Annual Intake 322 41


The Graduate School of Engineering extracts the creativity from the students not only by encouraging their independent researches but also by turning their eyes towards research fields other than their own. By providing solid basic and advanced education, the school trains professional engineers and researchers with frontier spirits, who are active in various fields of engineering.

The Graduate School provides and maintains an atmosphere in which scholarship and creative endeavors may flourish. Emphasis is placed on knowledge, methods, and skills for original research and problem solving, as well as on intellectual leadership, creative expression, and other modes of achievement in each of the disciplines.

There are three educational departments in the Graduate School, which are subdivided into seven specializations. Through lectures and experiments offered in the individual departments, students study selected topics in their field of specialization; and through diversified lectures and experiments offered in the departments, students are exposed to a wider variety of subjects in order to acquire a broader perspective.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The department provides education on development, manufacturing, recycling, and disposal of materials that are in harmony with the natural environment and promote safe and efficient use of resources.

Department of Systems Integration

The department deals with the vast areas of engineering including mechanical, ocean-space and materials engineering. The graduates of the department become able to construct advanced complex system from small components by synthesizing science-based elemental technology, design technology that makes use of that elemental technology, and production technology that harmonizes with society and environment.

Department of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering

By providing education on basic and applied engineering, the department fosters technical experts and system managers who are creative and active in various fields of engineering, including electronics, electrical engineering, information engineering and materials engineering.

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