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Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Graduate School of Urban Innovation
Master’s Programs Doctoral Programs
Department of Architecture and Urban Culture 68 Department of Urban Innovation 12
Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society 37    
Annual Intake 105 Annual Intake 12


The Graduate School of Urban Innovation was established in April, 2011, to train those creative, highly-specialized future professionals whose work will involve a variety of urban innovation projects (M.A. Program) and those future global leaders who, having trained to possess multiple viewpoints, will themselves be the underpinnings of global expansion of urban innovation research (Doctorate Program).

Master’s Programs

Department of Architecture and Urban Culture

Students will train to become an expert possessing a thorough knowledge of today’s urban problems and a) is capable of proposing persuasive future urban space in practical terms and/or b) offers sustained support to progressive cultural- and artistic activities in urban settings. It is entirely within the scope of the program to situate Yokohama – this quintessentially Japanese yet nonetheless unique city in having the characteristic of an “experimental city” – at the center of one’s research, or strengthen practical skills through the studio-teaching programs. The Master’s degree will be awarded in Engineering or Philosophy.

Specialization in Architecture and Urban Culture

Students will train to become knowledgeable in cutting-edge research in various areas related to Architecture, Urban Space and Culture (thanks to having dual educational/research focuses: architecture and culture/arts) and be able to take the knowledge and, through practical research, put it to use in the form of urban innovation.

Specialization in Architecture (Y-GSA)

Through intensive studio-teaching programs students will learn what is happening at the forefront of urban scenes and architecture, acquire an eye for a variety of styles and their possibilities, and train to become architects that can propose the fruit of their study in the form of an efficient space with new possibilities.

Specialization in Culture (Y-GSC)

Students will learn ways to revitalize cities by the power of culture and arts in a studio-teaching format and work to develop skills to implement urban innovation in a sustained manner through making artistic proposals that match the times and the space.

Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society

Students will train to become 1) an expert with the ability to analyze and design development of and solutions to specific areas of the globe, paying attention to each area’s engineering and social infrastructure or 2) a leader who is capable of making contributions in addressing urban problems and community development in emerging and developing countries in such organizations as central governments, local governments, international aid organizations, private corporations and NGOs. The Master’s degree in either Engineering or Philosophy will be awarded.

Specialization in Infrastructure and Urban Society

Straddling the two teaching/research fields of Civil Engineering and Area Studies, Infrastructure and Urban Society develops specialists that are ready to tackle specific urban problems and help develop local communities from a global perspective, putting to use their knowledge of the methods of social infrastructure engineering and the culture and history of the local communities while embracing a social vision that is both creative and sustainable.

Specialization in International Infrastructure (IGSI)

By extensively utilizing a studio-teaching format, the IGSI trains students to gain useful knowledge of Civil Engineering, which they put to actual use when they confront various different urban problems in emerging and developing countries. All lectures, studio classes and consultations on master’s thesis will be conducted in English. The course is offered not just to Japanese students but also to foreign students in general (including those studying for a master’s degree on the Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship Program). The IGSI thus functions as a foreign-student teaching arm of YNU Graduate School of Urban Innovation.

Doctoral Programs

Department of Urban Innovation

The Graduate School of Urban Innovation trains future experts who possess specialized knowledge in Engineering, Society, Culture and History that is required to confront specific challenges faced by various cities and areas of the world and have the capability to 1) propose, design and build in practical terms persuasive conceptions, spaces, social- and cultural infrastructures that can reliably underpin the future of each city and area, and/or 2) guide and support academic-, cultural-, artistic- and social activities of each city or area in a sustained and practical manner. The Doctoral degree is awarded either in Engineering or Philosophy.

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