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Global Doctoral Program for Academic Career Support (GDACS)

Note: Updated on November 5, 2018. Documents to be submitted and application method are changed from this year.

Yokohama National University is recruiting students who want to enter its graduate schools as doctoral students in October 2019 or April 2020 under the Global Doctoral Program for Academic Career Support (GDACS), which is a doctoral program for faculty members of universities in emerging nations.

Graduate Schools and Programs Recruiting Students and Quota for Admission

Graduate School Program Quota for Admission
Graduate School of International Social Sciences ※ Doctoral programs 6
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
Graduate School of Urban Innovation
  1. ※ For the International Ph.D. Program in Economics of the Department of Economics, only those who have applied to the program (Application period: September 14 – October 5, 2018) can apply for GDACS. The Doctoral Program in Japanese Management of the Department of Business Administration and the Doctoral Program in Transnational Law and Policy of the Department of International Business Law do not admit students under GDACS as they currently recruit students through different admission procedures.

Application Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must be, in principle, a faculty member or a reseacher of the universities or reseach institutions in the emerging nations and meet all the following requirements:

  1. Having completed a master's program and earned a master's degree.
  2. Having demonstrated excellent academic achievement with a grade point average of 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above in the last two academic years and being expected to maintain the equivalent level during their enrollment at YNU.
  3. Intending to earn a doctoral degree within 36 months of their admission to YNU as a doctoral student.
  4. Being guaranteed to return to their current institution after earning a doctoral degree at YNU, and being highly motivated to promote education and research collaboration between YNU and their institution.
  5. Having asked the academic advisor of their choice about research details, acceptance conditions and the like, and having obtained permission to apply and the Letter of Conditional AcceptanceWordファイルが開きます before submitting their application.
  6. Being proficient in Japanese at a level equivalent to or higher than N2 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (or Level 2 under the former testing system) if they want to receive research guidance in Japanese. Or being proficient in English at a level equivalent to or higher than a score of 80 in TOEFL iBT or 730 in TOEIC Listening and Reading or an overall band score of 6.0 in IELTS if they want to receive research guidance in English.

Application Documents

Note:Although the documents need not be originals at the time of application, the successful applicants must submit the originals, or the certified true copies issued by public institutions such as the university they graduated from (of those marked by * below) during the designated submission period.

Letter of Conditional Acceptance (Template format by PDF or JPEG *)Wordファイルが開きます

  1. Information Sheet (Template format by Excel)It open a excel file.
  2. Application form (Template format by Excel *)It open a excel file.
  3. Field of Study and Research Plan [Research Proposal] (Template format by Word)It open a word file.
  4. Copy of passport (by PDF or JPEG)
  5. Official academic transcripts (master’s level, by PDF or JPEG *)
  6. Academic Performance Entry Sheet (Template format by Excel)Excelファイルが開きます
  7. Certificate of graduation or completion (master’s level, by PDF or JPEG *)
  8. Document that certifies that the applicant is ranked top 5%, 10% or 20% in the department of the graduate school attended (If any, PDF or JPEG *)
  9. Official Letter of Recommendation from a high-ranking person of the institution that applicant belongs to (such as Dean or Director, PDF or JPEG *)
  10. Photograph (by JPEG)
  11. Abstract of thesis (if any, PDF)
  12. Documents that demonstrate the linguistic ability of the applicant (PDF or JPEG *)
  13. Pledge letter to acknowledge that the applicant is financially responsible for all living expenses incurred during his/her enrollment at YNU (Template format by PDF *)It open a word file.

Application Procedures

  1. Check application qualification and conditions
    With reference to the Application GuidelinesIt open a pdf file. and Academic Performance Entry SheetExcelファイルが開きます, applicants must first check whether their grade point average is 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above in the last two academic years as well as whether they satisfy other conditions of eligibility.
  2. Find a prospective academic advisor
    If applicants can confirm that they satisfy all the conditions, they must prepare the necessary documents and contact the prospective academic advisor of their choice, consult with him/her about their research details, acceptance conditions and the like, and obtain the Letter of Conditional Acceptance.Wordファイルが開きますThe List of Faculty Members is useful to find a prospective academic advisor.
  3. Submit application documents
    Applicants must submit the copies of the Letter of Conditional AcceptanceWordファイルが開きます and the application documents (1) – (13) by email to YNU International Admissions Office (iao(アットマークを記入して下さい)ynu.ac.jp) no later than 11:00 p.m., Friday, January 4, 2019 (Japanese standard time ); otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

Notice of Screening Results

Applicants will be notified of their results by email on Friday, February 8, 2019. If they pass the screening, the “Certificate of Admission” and “Certificate of Exemption” will be issued to them after receiving the original application documents.

Application Fee, Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, and Scholarship

Applicants do not need to pay an application fee. Successful applicants are exempt from admission and tuition fees. (Note that the exemption of tuition fees may be cancelled due to poor academic performance.) Successful applicants with high academic performance will be awarded a monthly scholarship of 100,000 yen (estimated). The scholarship awardees will be notified at the announcement of the selection results.

Application Guidelines

For details, please refer to the “Application Guidelines ”It open a pdf file.carefully.

Where to Send Application Documents and Make Inquiries
(All inquiries need to be made in Japanese or English.)

International Admissions Office
International Education Division
Student Affairs Department
Yokohama National University
79-8 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501

(Contact: International Admissions Office)

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