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Scholarships ( Available after admission )

There are two types of scholarships – one granted based on the university’s recommendation and the other that the student applies for directly. About 25 percent of YNU international students receive some form of scholarship.

Scholarships based on University’s Recommendation

Those who want to apply for scholarships based on the university’s recommendation must first submit the “Registration Form for University Screening Scholarship” by a designated deadline. The deadline comes twice a year, once in the first semester and the other in the second. Please be aware that the scholarships are very competitive and submitting the form does not guarantee your successfully receiving a scholarship; it is a prerequisite for becoming eligible to receive scholarship funds.

The scholarship information and screening status is posted on the student bulletin board and the website of the Student Support DivisionIt moves to another category.. Recipients of scholarships based on the university’s recommendation are selected taking the data on the Registration Form for University Screening Scholarship into consideration and in accordance with the ranking each College determines among the applicants.

Scholarships You Can Directly Apply for

For scholarships that you can directly apply for, please visit the website of the Student Support DivisionIt moves to another category. if you are interested in the scholarships handled by the university. For information on other scholarships, please check the website of the Japan Student Organization (JASSO) shown below. JASSO creates and distributes pamphlets about scholarships (An English-language version is also available.)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Scholarships for International Students in Japanopen new window

(Contact:International Support Section)

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