Student Support Facilities

The University actively encourages the independent extracurricular activities of students, while offering full-fledged exercise facilities, shared club facilities, and others. Students can use these facilities and participate in the clubs of their choice, and discover their own possibilities by interacting with faculty members, seniors and friends.

Physical Education Facilities

Facility Names Location Notes
Gymnasium Arena Northern district of Tokiwadai Basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and gymnastics
Judo hall Judo, Shorinji Kempo, and karate
Kendo hall Kendo and fencing
Dance hall Various research, exercise, and modern dance
Training room Treadmills and other equipment
Athletics field Southern district of Tokiwadai 400 m track and field
Baseball field 1 field
Lawn tennis court 6 omni courts and 4 clay courts
Swimming pool 50 m, 8 courses
Football field Soccer, rugby, and American football
Volleyball courts 3 courts
Handball courts 2 courts
Archery field 1 field
Small athletic field Northern district of Tokiwadai Can be used for a variety of types of exercise
Multipurpose athletic field Can be used for a variety of types of exercise
Japanese archery field Japanese archery

Shared Cultural Club Facilities

Category Number of Rooms Main Use
Meeting rooms 16 Storage of equipment, office work, communication, planning, and discussions for each club (one meeting room and three equipment storage rooms are treated as one block, with three clubs sharing each meeting room, for a total of 12 blocks usable by 36 clubs)
Equipment storage rooms 40
Large practice room 1 Practicing music, performance arts, art, and other clubs
Each club's meetings
Medium practice rooms 2
Partial practice rooms 6
Japanese room 1 Practicing tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese music, and other clubs
Industrial work room 1 Industrial work for fine arts, drama, and other clubs
Material creation room 2 Material creation for various clubs
Student newspaper room 1 Editing newspapers and the storage of materials and equipment
Darkroom 1 Developing, printing, and enlarging photographs, and so on
Group liaison room 2 Office work related to sports events
Changing room 4  
Office 1  

Shared Physical Education Club Facilities

Category Number of Rooms Main Use
Management office 1  
Shared conversation room 2 Communication, meetings, conferences, and committees for each club
Shared room 7 Office work, communication, planning, and meetings for each club
Equipment storage room 1 Storage of large equipment for each club
Changing and shower room 2  

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