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Academic Calendar


First Semester: April 1 – September 30
Fall Semester : October 1 – March 31

April Spring Vacation April 1 (Wed) to April 3 (Fri)
Entrance Ceremony April 3(Fri)
Beginning of Spring Class April 6 (Mon)
Makeup Lectures April 30 (Thu)
✽Wednesday classes will be held.
May Makeup Lectures May 1 (Fri)
✽Monday Classes will be held.
Supplementary Lecture Week✽ May 11 (Mon) to May 15 (Fri)
University Festival "Seiryosai" May 23 (Sat) to May 24 (Sun)
(May 23 (Sat) includes festival preparation)
June University Foundation Day June 1 (Mon)
Supplementary Lecture Week✽ June 15 (Mon) to June 19 (Fri)
July Supplementary Lecture Week✽ July 6 (Mon) to July 10 (Fri)
Spring Semester Examinations July 27 (Mon) to August 3 (Mon)
August Summer Vacation August 4 (Tue) to September 30 (Wed)
September Fall Graduation Ceremony September 25 (Fri)
End of Spring Semester September 30 (Wed)
October Beginning of Fall Semester October 1 (Thu)
Fall Entrance Ceremony October 1 (Thu)
Makeup Lectures October 15 (Thu)
✽Monday classes will be held.
University Festival "Tokiwasai" October 30 (Fri) to November 2 (Mon)
(October 30 (Fri) includes festival preparation)
November Supplementary Lecture Week✽ November 9 (Mon) to November 13 (Fri)
Makeup Lectures November 26 (Thu)
✽Monday classes will be held.
December Supplementary Lecture Week✽ December 7 (Mon) to December 11 (Fri)
Winter Vacation December 26 (Sat) to January 3 (Sun)
January National Center Test for University Admissions January 15 (Fri) to January 17 (Sun)
Supplementary Lecture Week✽ January 25 (Mon) to January 29 (Fri)
February TOEFL ITP February 2 (Tue)
Fall Semester Examinations February 3 (Wed) to February 9 (Thu)
Spring Vacation February 11 (Thu) to March 31 (Thu)
Individual Admission Examination (Prior Term) February 25 (Thu) to February 26 (Fri)
March Individual Admission Examination (Latter Term) March 12 (Sat) to March 13 (Sun)
Graduation Ceremony March 24 (Thu)
End of Fall Semester March 31 (Thu)

✽Regular classes will be held during supplementary lecture week. Supplementary lectures will normally be held on 6th term of the day, however, can be held on different term due to its class condition.

(Contact: Educational Affairs Division)

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