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Outstanding Researches

The Yokohama National University is an educational institution pursuing for the Academic Center of Excellence with Practical Mind. The success of our educational goal is evidenced by two awards of Global COE (Center of Excellence) by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

It should be emphasized that the Global COE programs were chosen to be awarded only to the limited number of universities in Japan where about 700 universities are present. It is indeed rare to have multiple Global COE programs in our campus. This brochure describes recent activities of the two Global COE programs.

The Yokohama National University continues to grow as a world-leading educational institution. All the faculty members together with students and staff are dedicated to further achievement.

Yokohama National University Global COE Programs

Global COE

The Global COE is an initiative of the MEXT started as the succeeding project of the 21st Century COE Program. The initiative targets doctoral programs in graduate schools with the objective of ensuring that Japanese universities are globally competitive through prioritized support for the formation of excellent world-class centers of education and research.

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