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Research Students Admissions (Outlines)

The below is a brief introduction on the selection process of research students (Kenkyusei) at YNU. Those who wish to study on a specific subject may be admitted as a research student after a special examination. The time of admission is April and October, and the period of enrollment is up to one year or until the end of a fiscal year (hence six months or one year). Students may apply for an extension if there are special circumstances. The period of enrollment cannot exceed two years. No degree is granted. In principle, applicants are selected based on the submitted documents, but most of the colleges and graduate schools require applicants to find a suitable academic advisor and obtain his/her consent prior to making the application. You can find research fields and contact address of our faculty members on the “List of Faculty Members”.jump to a diffrent category

Note: The International Admissions Office recommends those who graduated from universities outside Japan enroll as research students for six months or one year prior to their graduate studies. Research students can prepare for the entrance examinations of the graduate schools under the supervision of their academic advisors, improve their Japanese language proficiencies at the International Student Centerjump to a diffrent category and make themselves accustomed to their new lives in Japan. For details, please find a suitable academic advisor and consult with him/her.

Application Qualifications

Undergraduate (Pre-Master) College Research Student

Applicants who graduated or are expected to graduate from a university and obtained or expected to obtain a bachelor degree before they wish to enter a course are eligible.

Graduate School (Post-Master and Post-Doctoral) Research Student

Applicants who have obtained a master’s or doctoral degree from a graduate school or are expected to receive a master’s or doctoral degree before they wish to enter a course.

Please make sure to confirm the details to the appropriate college or graduate school at the time of application as the qualification varies in each college and graduate school.

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Application Procedure

Application Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents to the dean of the appropriate college/ graduate school.

  1. Prescribed application form.
  2. Certificate of (expected) graduation from the last school attended.
  3. Academic transcript from the last school attended.
  4. Description of the research plan the applicant wishes to pursue.
  5. Copy of the resident card or copy of passport.
  6. Receipt for payment of the application fee.
  7. Self-addressed stamped envelope.
  8. Any other documents required by the college/ graduate school concerned.

Application Period and Submission Process

Application period and submission process of each college/ graduate school are listed herePDFファイルが開きます. Please check the application guidelines of the appropriate college/ graduate school for the latest and detailed information. (Where this year’s information is not yet available, last year’s information is listed for reference.)

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