Graduate School of Education - List of Professors for International Students

Please make use of this list (data as of April 1, 2017) to find your potential academic advisor. Further information such as the titles of his/her classes and contact address are available from “Academic Research Staff”new window open
If you cannot find his/her contact address from the site, please contact the appropriate graduate school.

Graduate School of Education


The Doctoral Program is provided at “Tokyo Gakugei University United Graduate School of Education” which comprises four universities: Tokyo Gakugei University, Saitama University, Chiba University and Yokohama National University.

Major in Teacher Education

Students are, in principle, required to have Japanese language skills higher than or equivalent to JLPT N2 Level, but asked to consult their potential advisors for details.
Title Name Research Field Language Requirements Type of Students Accepted Remarks
Doctoral Master's Research
Professor AKAGI Norimichi Material and European classical painting techniques Japanese or Germany    
Professor FUJIMORI Tamio Sculpture; Carving and Modeling Japanese  
Professor HORIUCHI Kaoru Home Economics Education; Gender Issues in Education, Curriculum, Teacher Education Japanese or English   Only those who are specialized in Home Economics Education are acceptable.
Professor KATAOKA Koji Economics; Monetary theory, Market Theory Japanese    
Professor KATO Chikako Modern Japanese History Japanese  
Professor KIMMA Kuniharu Curriculm Issues, the New Education, Energy Affairs Japanese   Students are required to be capable of reasoning in Japanese.
Professor MATSUBAGUCHI Reiko Life Environmental Education, Consumer Education Japanese  
Professor NAKAGAWA Tatsuo Education for the hearing impaired, Inclusive Education Japanese or English  
Professor NONAKA Yoichi Educational Technology, ICT utilization for education, Instructional Design Japanese    
Professor OGAWA Masafumi Music Education, School music curriculum in the world, Music teacher education, Choral music education Japanese or English  
Professor OGAWA Yoshimi Education of Japanese language Comtemporary Japanese Grammar History of Japanese teaching Japanese    
Professor SAIDA Chisato Applied Linguistics; Assessment and Evaluation Japanese or English    
Professor SAKAMOTO Satoshi Cutting, Abrasive Machining,Slicing Japanese  
Professor SATSUMOTO Yayoi Clothing Environment, Clothing hygiene, Clothing Construction, Clothing Psychology, Clothing Education Japanese or English  
Professor SHIGEMATSU Katsuya Social Studies; Clinical Pedagogy, Teaching Method of Social Studies Japanese  
Professor SHIMOJO Hajime Ethics; Human Conscience, Self Control Japanese or English    
Professor SHIRATORI Michihiro Japanese History of Education; Youth Mobilization Japanese      
Professor SONODA Natsumi Child Studies; Child Development Japanese    
Professor SUGIYAMA Kuniko Food Science; Cookery Science, Food Education Japanese    
Professor SUZUKI Toshiaki Chemistry Education, Organic Chemistry Japanese or English  
Professor TAJIMA Fumiaki Optical Measurement, Nano Optics, Information Technology Education Japanese, or English especially in the research field  
Professor TANAHASHI Nobuaki European History (Cities and Bourgeoisie in Modern Germany) Japanese    
Professor TAWADA Masayasu History of Japan Japanese    
Professor WATANABE Kunio Design; Graphic design; Visual Communication Design; Poster; CI (corporate identity); Development of learning materials and Educational toys Japanese    
Professor WATANABE Masahito English Linguistics and Educational Grammar Japanese or English      
Professor YAMAMOTO Ikuo Physics Education, Experimental Solid State Physics Japanese or English    
Professor YAMAMOTO Yasuo Modern German Thought; Frankfurt School, T.W.Adorno, Philosophy in Japan Japanese or English or German    
Professor YANO Izumi Lifelong Learning and Education, Educationalogy of Diversity, Sociological and Narrative approach, Learning and Society Japanese     Students are required to be capable of reasoning in Japanese.
Professor YOKOO Tsunetaka History of Technical and Vocational Education Japanese    
Professor YOSHIDA Keiichiro Physical Geography: Vegetation Geography and Biogeography Japanese or English  
Associate Prof. HARAGUCHI Kenichi Craft Japanese    
Associate Prof. IKEGUCHI Akiko Human Geography; Cultural Ecology Japanese or English  
Associate Prof. KITO Akihito Technology Education, Information Education Japanese    
Associate Prof. KOBAYASHI Daisuke Wood Science and Technology; Wood Working, Living Environment and Amenity Japanese    
Associate Prof. KOIKE Kenji Art Education; Teaching study Japanese      
Associate Prof. KURATA Kaoruko Plant Biology, Plant Phylogeny, Systematics and Evolution Japanese or English    
Associate Prof. MITO Natsuko Nutritional Science; Nutritional Education Japanese     Only those who are specialized in Nutritional science are acceptable.
Associate Prof. SAKUWA Azusa Living Science Japanese       
Associate Prof. SHINTANI Yasuhiro Sociology of Education, Education and Social Dynamics Japanese      
Associate Prof. SUZUKI Tomoko Clinical Psychology, History of psychology Japanese      
Associate Prof. YAMAMOTO Ko Topological Graph Theory; Information Communication Education Japanese or English    
Associate Prof. FUJII Kayo Philosophy of Education Japanese    

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