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Necessary Procedures before Entering YNU

To be accepted for admission and to enroll at YNU as undergraduate, graduate or research student, international students are required to complete the following procedures:

Note: The procedures for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship students or any foreign government scholarship students may be partly or entirely different. Those students are asked to consult the Embassy of Japan in their home country or the organization that provides their scholarships.

0. Obtain Passport

To travel to foreign countries, you need a passport issued by your home country. If you do not have one, please apply for it well in advance; you may be asked to prepare various documents and it may require a good amount of time to be issued.

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1. Apply for the Entrance Exam and Pass It

Entrance Examinations and Criteria for Admission

Both undergraduate and graduate students are required to pass an entrance examination, formal screening of application documents and/or interview as specified by the respective program of study. To become a research student, you need to contact a professor and get his/her consent to become your supervisor prior to your application. For further information concerning the selection process, number of students accepted, application guidelines, announcement of successful applicants, and other matters related to admissions, please refer to the following websites.

Coming to Japan for the Entrance Exam

Most colleges and graduate schools, with the exception of a few selected all-English programs, require applicants to complete an entrance examination at the university they wish to apply for study. Depending on nationality, a "short-term stay" visa may be required to enter Japan.

Announcement of Result and Admission Procedures

Successful applicants will be announced on our university website, and the "Notice of Acceptance (合格通知書)" and a set of documents explaining about admission procedures will be posted to them. Once you complete the admission procedures you will be given the "Acceptance Letter(入学許可書)". You will need the Acceptance Letter when you apply for the Certificate of Eligibility (在留資格認定証明書).

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2. Obtain the Certificate of Eligibility

Application for Certificate of Eligibility

You need, in principle, to obtain "college student" visa to enter YNU. To get the visa, you need to obtain the "Certificate of Eligibility" from an Immigration Bureau in Japan. It normally takes four to five weeks to be issued (if there is no problem), so please prepare and apply for it well in advance.

Only following people can apply for the Certificate of Eligibility (this certificate can only be applied from within Japan, and cannot be applied by post.)

  1. Applicant
  2. A staff member of an organization that gives scholarships or those who cover your expenses in Japan
  3. Relatives of applicant living in Japan (friend and acquaintance not allowed)
  4. Others designated by the Ministry of Justice (such as administrative scrivener (gyousei-shoshi) and attorney)

NOTE: YNU does not, except for some special programs, apply for the Certificate of Eligibility in lieu of its students.

Necessary documents for Application

Please refer to the following website for necessary documents.

Among the necessary documents, YNU provides the "Application Form for Certificate of Eligibility (For Organization)" and the "Acceptance Letter" for successful applicants.


If you need the "Application Form of Certificate of Eligibility (For Organization)" please contact the appropriate college or graduate school.


Please note that "Acceptance Letter" will be issued only after you complete the admission procedures (including all necessary payments). For those who need to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility prior to completing the admission procedures, YNU may issue "Certificate of Acceptance(外国人留学生受入証明書)" if it deems to be necessary.

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3. Obtain "College Student" Visa

Once you obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, please apply for a "college student" visa at an embassy of Japan in your country or an immigration bureau in Japan. It normally takes one week to be issued (if there is no problem) but it may vary in each embassy and immigration bureau. Please contact the embassy or immigration bureau and confirm what documents are necessary before you submit your application. Please also note that your obtaining "Certificate of Eligibility" does not guarantee the issuance of the "college student" visa.

4. Procedures When and After Arriving in Japan

You will be given a "resident card(在留カード)" when you arrive at Haneda, Narita, Chubu or Kansai airport. For the details of resident card and newly residency management system, please refer to the following website of Immigration Bureau.

As for procedures after arriving in Japan and general information on student life, please check the following websites.

(Contact:International Exchange Section)

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