Why YNU?

Why I Decided to Study in Yokohama National University, Japan
Pattamaporn WONGWIRIYA(Ms.) Doctoral student, Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Choosing the right university to pursue your dreams is one of the most important decisions any of us can ever make.
When a person makes the wrong decision, it turns his or her path in education into a rocky road for achieving his or her goal. In some scenarios, that person doesn’t even notice his or her mistake until he or she has received their degree and years have gone by.

Personally, the big university experience was all I dreamed about throughout my life. I graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning, which is a big university in Thailand. Then I spent four years working as an urban planner and a lecturer in Thailand where I became very interested in Transportation Planning and planned to further my studies to the PhD level.

Before choosing the university to pursue my Doctoral degree, I had no idea how to tell whether a good school should be big or small. I knew I had to study abroad and find the right university for myself. At that time, I sent application emails to many graduate schools around the world. Most of the schools I applied to are big universities.

After all, the big university is not the only thing that entices international students like me. I changed my educational path to choose a small university, Yokohama National University, which is a leading university in Japan.

Why did I choose to go to a small university?
Let me tell you some of the reasons I chose to study in Yokohama National University (YNU) which is located in the city of Yokohama, the second largest metropolis in Japan.

First, YNU has four undergraduate colleges: Engineering Science, Economic, Business Administration and Education and Human Sciences. Moreover, there are ive graduate schools, one of which is the Graduate School of Urban Innovation which is the right place for my PhD study. As YNU has four colleges and five graduate schools within one compact campus, these colleges and graduate schools are communities that act as home bases to all students. They allow all students to obtain newly found knowledge and in this collaborative learning environment, knowledge is shared among the students through the activities provided in the university such as the seminar and exhibition. Thus, from my point of view, this is a strong advantage of YNU that lured me in.

Second, YNU is known for having outstanding professors and researchers. Therefore, it is also a place which offers various possibilities for study in my field of interest. I was very interested in studying in YNU because of the numerous activities, specialized courses which are taught in English, and an endless amount of resources that would allow me to become a lecturer or researcher with highly specific knowledge and expertise in the field of Transportation Planning. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for me to study at the Transportation and Urban Engineering Laboratory in YNU.

Third, not only can I get advanced knowledge from famous professors by studying in YNU, I can also create connections with many friends in the various fields of study. I believe that this practice can enhance the knowledge and social network of students especially when they return home and work in their home countries.

Last but not least, the vibrant daily life in YNU has completely captivated me by its diversity and multiculturalism. There are almost 1,000 international students in YNU which makes YNU a social paradise for both Japanese and international students to share different cultures. Furthermore, YNU has a lot of clubs and activities that allow us to find new friends from many countries.

Nothing is better than living in a place where you can enjoy the way your subject is taught and spend your days with different people who fill your life with happiness in everyday school life.

No matter how small the university is, the students in YNU, both Japanese and international students, have great opportunities to pursue their dreams because of its strong benefits as I mentioned previously.

This year I have become a second year student of doctoral course. I truly realized that the longer I live and study in YNU, the more I gain knowledge, happiness, and personal values in daily life.
Undoubtedly, now I can say YNU is the right place for me.

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