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YNU's International Strategy

Section 1 : Basic Strategy

Our Goal

We aim to establish our university as an academic institution open to the world by forming a preeminent center of practical studies and promoting it to every corner of the world.

Basic Policy

  1. Conducting international exchange activities focusing intensively on particular fields by utilizing our university's accumulation of rich experience and outstanding human resources:
    We will change our policy on international exchange operations from an extensive model to an intensive model centered on particular targets to put our limited human resources to their utmost use.
  2. Putting all our energy into nurturing human resources that are capable of skillfully handling international activities:
    We are fully committed to instructing our students to the best of our ability, from their enrollment to graduation, so that they can develop their international communication skills, the ability to understand different cultures, practical problem-solving capability and ability to act globally in the future. We will enhance our support system for sending our students abroad to facilitate their learning. In addition, we will also invite excellent students from all around the world and help them develop their abilities so that they can work together for the betterment of the world.
  3. romoting educational and research activities to the world:
    We will conduct world-class, high-quality educational and research activities and encourage our teaching staff to publicize the results of their research to the whole world. We will also improve the standards of our PR activities from the perspectives of both software and specific content in order to achieve our desired global reputation, noting but without giving excessive consideration to the world university rankings. In addition, we will establish our university as a research organization open to the world by collaborating with global intellectual networks and actively implementing our policy.
  4. Promoting the internationalization of our campus environment and developing international networks formed in our university:
    We will make our campus globally-oriented and friendly to different cultures as a center of international exchange. We will also support our graduates inside and outside the country and develop international networks formed in our university.
  5. Promoting international exchange activities with a focus on Yokohama’s distinctive geographic characteristics and historical background:
    We will promote unique and attractive international exchange activities in collaboration with local communities by highlighting our distinctive geographic location and historical background, which have been nurtured in Yokohama’s cosmopolitan tradition.
  6. Making active commitments to solving significant global challenges:
    We will make a constant contribution to solving difficult global challenges facing humankind through our practical academic achievements. We will also actively respond to requests for intellectual contributions from the Japanese government, other countries and international organizations.

Section 2 : Action Strategy

The following is our next mid-term action strategy to realize the basic visions presented in Section 1. Our next mid-term action strategy is centered on fiscal years 2010 to 2015. We will modify our next mid-term goal and plan, depending on our progress.

A. Our Strategy for Nurturing Global Human Resources

  1. Improving our educational content and standards to an international level
  2. Nurturing human resources that can contribute to the world
  3. Promoting intensive exchanges with our target communities and areas
  4. Recruiting excellent students from abroad and enhancing our support systems for them

B. Our Strategy for Promoting International Academic Studies

  1. Creating a world-class academic study center
  2. Improving our research standards to an international level
  3. Improving our research environment to an international level
  4. Training young researchers to compete globally
  5. Boosting international collaborative studies and international industrial-academic collaboration

C. Our Strategy for Promoting International Collaboration

  1. Promoting strategic and substantial inter-university exchanges
  2. Actively tackling significant international challenges by utilizing our practical study results
  3. Promoting unique international collaborative projects
  4. Developing international networks formed in our university and establishing overseas centers

D. Our Strategy for Establishing the Foundations for Organizational Structures, Financial Procedures and PR Activities

  1. Fundamentally enhancing our system for promoting international strategy
  2. Improving our financial structure
  3. Boosting our overseas PR activities
  4. Improving our international reputation
  5. Improving our campus environment to an international level
  6. Securing safety in our overseas activities and improving our crisis management

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