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6th YNU Home Coming Day

Keynote lecture by Mr. Kazuhito Aida

Keynote lecture by Mr. Kazuhito Aida

On October 29, 2011 the 6th Yokohama National Unviersity Home Coming Day was held. Under clear autumn sky, over 1100 of YNU alumni and students, faculty and administrative staff, and citizens of Yokohama participated in the events.

Approximately 400 attendants listende to the keynote lecture made by Director of Mitsuo Aida Museum, Mr. Kazuhito Aida. The theme of his lecture was "the preciousness of life". He recalled the life of his father, calligrapher and poet, Mr. Mitsuo Aida and introduced the thought behind his father's works. By showing the work "the road", in particular, Mr. Aida linked the Japanese society after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the war era that his father went through. Mr. Aida concluded his lecture saying the work "the road" descries "the life of his father" and that it fits into the current severe situation that Japan is now facing. His words brought tears to some listners' eyes.

This year, various events were organized to bridge different generations and alumni associations. Participants were free to participate in the events they felt like.
Speakers and judges

Speakers and judges

One of those events was YNU Japanese Speech Contest. A total of ten International students studying at YNU gave speeches with the theme, "Japan, which I found". Their contents covered a wide range of Japanese aspects, such as morning radio gymnastics, queuing up in front of noodle shops and so on. It was a great time for the listeners to reacknowledge Japanese culture and society through the eyes of those speakers.

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