Kunio Suzuki
Yokohama National University

April 28, 2009
Warning on Swine Influenza
To all students and staff

Today, cases of A/H1N1 swine influenza are reported in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Spain and the Great Britain, and the possibilities of a global pandemic are concerned. Under such circumstances, Yokohama National University shall make the following warnings to students and staff.

1. Please pay careful attention to the information provided by the government and the media, and refrain from travelling to the region where the infection has been confirmed for the time being. Also, travels to Mexico should be postponed unless there is an urgent need.

2. Please consult the quarantine of the airport or the port if the symptoms of the disease (eg. high temperature and coughs) appear on your arrival.

3. Please watch yourself carefully at least for 10 days after your arrival, and if the symptoms appear, please contact the nearest public health center and inform the staff that you have been to the infected area.

<< Contact details >>
If you have visited or stopped over any of the infected areas after April 15, 2009 please contact the following division immediately.

For Students: Student Exchange div. Tel 045-339-3182
e-mail ryugakusei.kikakunuc.ynu.ac.jp
For Staff members: Science and International Affairs div. Tel 045-339-3036
e-mail gaku.kokusainuc.ynu.ac.jp
For Students of affiliated schools: Faculty of Education and Human Sciences Tel 045-339-3252
e-mail edu.fukujimuchonuc.ynu.ac.jp

<< Reference >>
Swine influenza (World Health Organization (WHO)) http://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/en/index.html (English)