Kunio Suzuki
Yokohama National University

May 1, 2009
Prevention against Influenza A (H1N1)
To all students and staff

  1. Should influenza A (H1N1) spreads more widely, we may need to take some measures such as closing university temporally.
    Please pay full attentions to the information given directly to you or through YNU home page anytime possible.

  2. You should remind the following points in your everyday life;

    1. Please make a good judgment on the basis of accurate information and behave appropriately
    2. Please take following prevention measures:
      1. Keep away from the crowd.
      2. Stay away from the person with the symptoms.
      3. Put medical mask, when you go out.
      4. Wash your hands and gargle frequently.
      5. If you get symptoms, block your coughs for other people.
        • Cover the mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, turning the face away from others and keeping a distance of at least one meter.
        • Throw the tissue away into a covered trash bin.

    3. Take care of your health and those of your family members. If the flu-like symptoms appear, call a nearby health center first, and then visit the medical center designated for the infection if necessary.