Kunio Suzuki
Yokohama National University

August 4, 2009
【Important Notice】Regarding Influenza A(H1N1)

To all students and staff

We confirmed four cases of Influenza A on our campus on August 4th. In order to prevent the widespread infection, we ask you to follow the instructions below.

  1. If you infected with Influenza A, you must not come to university nor participate in group activities including open lectures and extracurricular activities outside the university. As to coming to university after your recovery, please follow doctor’s directions.

  2. If you have the symptoms of the Influenza such as high fever and coughs, you should not to come to university. Please call a health center nearby and see a doctor, wearing a medical mask.

  3. If you suspect to have had a contact with someone infected, please refrain from going out, and check your health condition by measuring your body temperature at least for five days.

【 To make an inquiry when you are concerned about Influenza A】

You can consult at one of your local Health & Welfare Centers or below.
  • City of Yokohama, Health and Welfare Bureau, Health Safety Division 045-671-4183 (in Japanese)
  • YOKE Information Corner 045-222-1209 (in English)

Please call the division below if you are infected

Student Support Division Tel. 045-339-3114 (For students)
Personnel and Labor Affairs Division Tel. 045-339-3026 (For Staff members)
On Weekends and nighttime from 17:00 to 9:00 Tel. 045-339-3056