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"My short, sweet and memorable visit to Yokohama National University"
D. K. Gautam,
Professor and Head, Department of Electronics,North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, (M. S.) India.

It was a great pleasure when I was in the receipt of an invitation from an internationally known professor, Dr. Kunio Tada, to work along with him on a collaborative research project to design and develop the electrorefractive high-speed modulator. However, I was in doubt whether it will be possible to contribute significantly in a short duration of two months. In the evening of my departure after completion of two months, I appreciate Prof. Kunio Tada, his team members, and authorities of Yokohama National University who made such a nice planning and arrangements that I could have the best enjoyable and result-oriented time of my life at this university.

The international house in which I stayed has a peaceful atmosphere in which foreign researchers and professors coming from all over the world stay and interact each other. I was induced to know the fact that some of the foreign professors have been coming to this university every year for more than a decade. The students and staff of this university are highly cooperative and dedicated. The laboratories are well equipped and the staff members are very friendly, helping and polite to the foreigners. My son who is an undergraduate, electronics engineering, student in India requested to get training on modern techniques of crystal growth. His request was kindly accepted and he was given intensive training on MBE machine, which will be a very rich and fruitful experience to him in his future life.

I was accompanied with my wife and children and every one of us enjoyed our stay. The younger son studied in a Japanese school where he made many friends and teachers of the school loved him and extended considerable help. I visited many laboratories and interacted with many renowned scientists and professors all over Japan. I am very happy to bring in to the record that I could also fabricate the device for which I was invited. It could be possible due to the excellent planning and management of Prof. Tada, his team members and the university authorities. My wife and children join me in expressing the sincere thanks with utmost regards to Prof. Tada, Dr. Haneji, Dr. Arakawa, Dr. Noh, Mr. Suzuki, students, staff of faculty of engineering, and university authorities who made our stay very comfortable, friendly and result-oriented.

Professor Gautam left on August 14, 2002