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Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education
Master's Program                   85
Education Design
Clinical Pedagogy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Japanese as a Second Language, Japanese as a Native Language, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Home Economics, Music, Art, Health and Physical Education
Special Needs Education / Clinical Psychology
Special Needs Education
Clinical Psychology
Professional Degree Program
(Professional Schools for Teacher Education)      15
Annual Intake 100


The Graduate School of Education, which confers the degree of Master of Education, was established in 1979 and offers a variety of subjects enabling students to acquire the abilities and skills necessary to carry out both theoretical research in their own major fields and to undertake applied research at schools. The school provides high-level theoretical and practical knowledge to students so that they will be able to serve as educational leaders in local schools and communities after graduation.

The graduate program accepts not only recent university graduates but also school teachers who wish to deepen and enhance their pedagogical knowledge and improve their qualifications. The program offers both daytime and evening programs. After completing the program, students become eligible to obtain first-class teaching qualifications for senior high school.

There are more than 100 faculty members and approximately 200 graduate students in the Graduate School of Education.

Tokyo Gakugei University United Graduate School of Education

In 1996, the United Graduate School of Education was established at Tokyo Gakugei University. It has provided the first doctoral course in teacher training universities of Japan for the purposes of enrichment of teacher training and the development of school education. It is an inter-university graduate school, and consists of four national universities in the metropolitan area.

This Graduate School has only one three-year doctoral program called the Doctoral Course of Education. The students take courses mostly at the students must be registered for a minimum of three years, earn a minimum of 20 credits, submit a doctoral dissertation, and pass a final examination.

Nearly 60 faculty members belonging to the College of Education and Human Sciences work for this Graduate School. The quota is 20 students for each year, i.e., 60 students in total.

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