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Japanese Language Education

YNU International Student Center offers a wide variety of Japanese language courses to meet the diverse needs of all international students on campus including undergraduate, graduate, research and short-term exchange students. In addition, special Japanese language classes are offered during spring break and summer vacations.

Preliminary Japanese Language Training

Six months intensive Japanese language courses are offered for international students who are sponsored by the Japanese government and will enter graduate schools and for in-service international teachers in the Graduate School of Education and in-service teachers who have come from areas such as Korea, China, South East Asia, Central and South America to study for a year and a half in the Graduate School of Education.

Japan-Korea Joint Science and Engineering Student Exchange Program

Six month of Japanese, English, and natural sciences preparatory courses are offered for Korean students preparing to enter the Faculty of Engineering

Japanese Language for JOY Students

Japanese language course is offered for exchange students in the Junior Year Overseas at Yokohama National University (JOY) Program. Students can study Japanese according to their own level and needs.

Liberal Arts Courses: Japanese / Approaches to Japanese Society and Culture / Japanese Seminar

These courses are offered for undergraduate international students. In addition to Intermediate and Advanced Japanese classes and seminars, a total of eight to fourteen courses on Approaches to Japanese Society and Culture are offered.

Liberal Arts Courses: “International Understanding Courses”

These courses are offered for international and Japanese undergraduate students. Classes include Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Japanese as a Second Language, Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture, Hanliu-past and present- and History of US – Japan Relations. The courses provide opportunities for lively discussions among international and Japanese students.

Inter-College Supplementary Japanese Language Courses

Classes are divided into six levels from beginner to advanced and are structured for different functions and goals. There are comprehensive classes, and classes for Kanji, conversation, listening comprehension, oral presentation, and Business Japanese. Generally thirty five classes are offered each week, and are open to all international students.

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