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Email Newsletter "Global Campus"

What is "Global Campus"?

"Global Campus" is a newly starting mailing list from April 2013 for YNU students. Its purpose is to inform both Japanese students and international students about events and activities related to international exchange. The name "Global Campus" represents our strong wish that students will be able to realize the globalization of the university by (1) getting more information about international events and activities and (2) engaging in them more actively.

Why should I register for it?

If you register, you will get information about:

  • Study Trip for International Students
  • President’s Party for International Researchers and Students
  • Event organized by International Student Center
  • Application for Study Exchange (Study Abroad) Programs
  • Application for summer schools organized by overseas partner universities
  • International exchange event with students from abroad
  • Study Abroad and Scholarship of external organizations
  • Seminars of foreign embassies and other educational institute held on campus

  • And much more!

How can I register for it?

Please send a blank email to International Office (kokusai.shien @ ynu.ac.jp) with the subject "Registration for Global Campus" from your YNU Mail account.
You will then get email newsletters with useful information on international activities and events from international Office on an irregular basis.

We look forward to your registration!

Please also check the latest international events and activities from Yokohama National University International Office on twitter. #ynu.ac.jp

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For enquiries

International Office
TEL : 045-339-3182
Email: kokusai.shien @ ynu.ac.jp

(Contact:International Exchange Section)