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Map covering from Mitsuzawa-kamicho Station to the Main Entrance

Climb the stairs of the Exit No. 1 of the Mitsuzawa-kamicho Station (the direction of the Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital). When you get on the street, go to the left side. The road you see in front of you is the Route No. 1. Walk this road to the left for about 3 minutes. By the time you walk for about 3 minutes, you will come across the Pedestrian Overpass of the Mitsuzawa-kamicho intersection.

Keep walking and cross the Pedestrian Overpass. After crossing the bridge, pass through under Daisan Keihin Road . Soon, you will see a Gasoline Station on the left side. Still keep walking the same Route No. 1 for about 10 minutes. You will see Okazawa-cho police box on the left side.

When you walk about 20 m from the police box, you will come across another Pedestrian Overpass. Cross this Pedestrian Overpass and move to the sidewalk located on the opposite of the police box. When you cross the Pedestrian Overpass and descend to the side walk, go on to the right side.

When you ascend the gentle slope (Okazawa-cho Bus Stop), the road is divided into three.

Select the road with stairs located at the middle of the three roads. When you finish climbing, the right side in front of you is the Main Entrance of the University.

To reach your final destination from the Main Entrance, look at theCampus Map.

(There is an explanation on Yokohama National University at the Exit No. 2 of a Mitsuzawa-kamicho Station, but it is easier for you to use the route from the Exit No. 1.)

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