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Safety Confirmation System

YNU has introduced the safety confirmation system as a means of confirming the safety of students, faculties, and staffs in the event of large-scale disasters such as major earthquakes.
In the event of a major earthquake (seismic intensity of upper 5 or more) or other natural disaster or accident in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Yamanashi, or Shizuoka Prefectures, the safety confirmation system sends an email to your YNU mail account and to your email which you have registered in advance. Please ensure your safety immediately and be sure to report your safety by opening the Safety Information Response Registration page. This information will be used as a reference when promptly assessing the damage to the University's members, providing possible support on campus while taking into consideration the risk of secondary disasters, and making decisions on whether to continue or suspend education and research activities.
In addition, this system may send emergency emails and surveys to students, faculties, and staffs anytime regardless of above safety confirmation.

Who the system covers

 Students: Undergraduate and graduate students (including non-degree students)
 Faculties and Staffs: Full-time faculties and staffs (including affiliated school faculties and staffs)
 Part-time faculties and staffs (Temporary staffs, part-time lecturers, TA/RA, and other staffs with student status are not included.)

How to register and check an email address for safety confirmation

Please register from the "Emergency Contact Registration" screen which appears on the system which you register for courses. Please make sure to register an email address which is easy to contact you via cell phone or smartphone. To confirm or change your email address, please follow the steps below.
(1) Access the Matrix Authentication Connection page of the Information Technology Center and perform Matrix Authentication.
Matrix Authentication: https://matrixauthsv.ynu.ac.jp/新しいウィンドウが開きます
(2) Access the Educational Affairs Information System.
(3) Confirm the email address for safety confirmation on the "Student info" page.
*If you have not yet registered, please register your email address for safety confirmation.

 Faculties and Staffs:
(1) Faculties and staffs
Log in to the YNU Account Management System from Information Technology Service Center. Check whether your email address for safety confirmation is registered in the " Safety confirmation email address" field on the "Profile" page. If not, please register your email address from this page.
YNU Account Management System:https://pw.ynu.ac.jp新しいウィンドウが開きます


  • The Safety confirmation system sends emails from "no-reply@jecc.jp". Please make sure that you have set up your email settings so that you will not be blocked from receiving such messages

    [Reference] Receiving Settings Manual *in JapanesePDFファイルが開きます
  • When you have changed your email address, please correct the registered data as soon as possible.

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