Centers within Organizations

Information Technology Service Center

To effectively and efficiently promote educational and research activities at YNU, the Information Technology Service Center provides high-quality IT service and helpful support for service users by introducing a framework for systematic information security management and IT service management. Furthermore, the Center provides education on network, security, and other information-related fields and develops educational materials while conducting cutting-edge IT research directed at creating value for IT services.

International Student Center

The International Student Center provides education on Japanese language and society for international students at YNU while managing international short-term study programs and providing lectures in which Japanese and international students can learn together, as well as those exclusively for international students. Furthermore, the Center offers advice for not only international students, but also for Japanese students seeking information on overseas studies.

Global-Local Education and Research Center (in Japanese)

The Global-Local Education and Research Center engages in systematic development of human resources for the 21st century who can resolve regional issues from a global perspective. The Center aims to become an organization that contributes to society as a source of widely disseminated information while conducting educational, research, and practical activities in collaboration with various institutions and regions inside and outside Japan. Furthermore, the Center is collaborating with the Organization for Regional Partnership Promotion so that YNU can systematically promote regional partnerships as one of its pillars of social contribution.

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Common Facilities for Research and Education

Center for Health Service Science

To manage the health of students and faculty members, the Center for Health Service Science mainly provides the following four types of services: (1) offering regular medical checkups, medical checkups for students belonging to sports clubs and circles, and special medical checkups for students and faculty members who handle hazardous materials; (2) issuing medical certificates required for students’ job-search activities, advancement to higher education, onsite teaching practice, etc.; (3) providing mental health counseling by psychiatrists and counselors; and (4) giving first-aid treatment for injuries and sudden illnesses, and referring students to medical institutions as needed.

Instrumental Analysis Center (in Japanese)

The Instrumental Analysis Center focuses on installing and managing the most advanced precision analytical equipment, including electron microscopes, nuclear magnetic resonators, and other large-scale devices. Furthermore, the Center includes radio-isotope (RI) educational and research facilities in which various types of radiation measurement and life-science research devices are installed and managed. The installed devices facilitate advanced research on physics, chemistry, materials science, environmental science, and life science conducted inside and outside YNU. Furthermore, the Center promotes activities in collaboration with the broader community, providing instrument experience programs for high school students, extension courses for the public, and consultation on analysis for companies in the neighboring area.

Graduate School Education Center (in Japanese)

Established in April 2018, the Graduate School Education Center consists of the following two divisions: "Graduate School IR" and "Educational Development and Learning Support." The center plays a key role in enhancing the function of graduate school education at YNU in an integrated manner. To qualitatively transform graduate school education and improve educational methods, the Center also promotes graduate school IR activities that concentrate on graduate school students’ behavioral research, etc. This involves establishing a comprehensive graduate school education curriculum pursuing integration of liberal arts and sciences, as well as connecting global and local fields, and implementing systematically developed sub-major programs.

Admission and Education Center (in Japanese)

Established in 2016 through reorganization of the Education Center, the Admission and Education Center comprises the following four divisions: "Student IR Control," "High School-University Collaboration," "Comprehensive University Education," and "Educational Development and Leaning Support." The Center plays a key role in promoting reforms for the high-school-university collaboration system at YNU. To generate qualitative changes in university education and improvement in entrance examination methods, the center promotes analysis and evaluation that focuses on students’ behavioral research (Student IR), implementing a high school-university collaborative learning program, introducing the systematically developed comprehensive (liberal arts) education covering first-year to senior students, and supporting students’ proactive learning activities toward career development after graduation.

Education and Research Center for Economic Growth Strategy

In collaboration between faculties specializing in economics and business administration and those specializing in engineering sciences, etc., the Education and Research Center for Economic Growth Strategy facilitates research projects on new growth strategy, creating venture businesses, and developing human resources for these new ventures. What is more, the Center also conducts various educational activities, such as project-type education for graduate students, internships in partnership with venture businesses, three sub-major programs, and career development for doctors. Contribution to regional society, including providing seminars on business strategy and innovation, is one of the Center’s key roles.

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