Founded in 1949, The Yokohama National University Library has been providing the best academic and educational materials to YNU students and researchers. The University Library consists of (1) Central Library, (2) Social Science Library and (3) Science and Technology Library.

Central Library

The Central Library is located at the center of the campus. It is the largest support center for students and researchers of the university with a substantial collection (about 760,000) of books, journals and multimedia materials.

The building was renovated in April 2003, and has an area of 12,000 ㎡. The Central Library has more than 1,100 seats and more than 100 computers. It also has many kinds of facilities, such as the Information Lounge, which is available for various students’ activities, the Media Hall for multipurpose use, the Working Studios for group study and Café which is popular among students for lively atmosphere.

PC Plaza

The PC Plaza is a self-study room with more than 70 computers. With Internet connectivity, students can freely use the PCs.

Special Collection

Mirabeau Collection
The Mirabeau Collection consists of 185 volumes of literature regarding Count Mirabeau (1749-1791) who was a French politician and thinker, active during the French Revolution and made invaluable contributions in the fields of economics, politics and philosophy. This is a collection of his literary works, speeches, opinion briefs and letters, as well as many condolences to him.
Bulletin des Lois, 8 séries
The Bulletin des Lois is French statute books published during the French Revolution.
Shoup Collection
The Shoup Collection consists of 3,000 volumes of books, 100 titles of periodicals and enormous amount of documents held by an American economist Dr. Carl Sumner Shoup (1902-2000) who is known to have issued the report of Japanese tax system called “Shoup Mission.” In particular, the documents of his lecture notes, working memoranda and letters including those from Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander for Allied Forces, and from Shigeru Yoshida, former Prime Minister, are precious inheritances that can only be found at this library.

(Library Infomation Division)