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University Song and Student Song

University Song

Word by Fumio Ide

Music by Chuzou Tsukioka

University Song
1. 大空に ひびく海洋(わだつみ)
新しき 世界の息吹き
あけぼのの 光のなかに
そそり立つ 横浜国大
2. 萌え出ずる 嫩き(わかき)叡智よ
ひとすじの 熱き精神(こころ)よ
若人ら ここに集いぬ
永遠の 真理もとめて
3. わが道は 正義と自由
はるかなり 希望の前途
創造の 槌音たかく
青春の 日日をきずかん

Student Song

The student song "Miharukasu" was selected on November 4, 1956 from among songs submitted by the students. The lyrics were by Eiko Tsuruwaka (Department of English Education,College of Liberal Arts and Education, graduated 1959), and the music was composed by Toru Oneda (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Engineering, graduated 1962). This "Miharukasu" song became extremely popular, is still used during school entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, and is sung every year by the Glee Club or the Orchestra.

Words by Eiko Tsuruwaka

Music by Toru Oneda

Student Song
1. みはるかす 青海原に
のびゆきて 尽きせぬものは
共に語らん 共に学ばん
2. 新しき 世を創るもの
光あり 望を胸に
共に進まん 共に学ばん

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