YNU University Identity

YNU Adopts Official Logo, Symbol Color, Slogan 2010 to Catapult YNU to Global Brand.

YNU turned 60 last year. In celebration of the anniversary, an official logo, symbol color and slogan were adopted as part of the “YNU University Identity System” with the aim of making YNU’s identity more visible, i.e., its beliefs, values and mission. With a renewed awareness that its birth in cosmopolitan Yokohama and its history and tradition of teaching and research make our school the “international hub of practical learning”, YNU is poised to play a progressive role in the increasingly globalizing world of the 21st century.

YNU Logo

The moniker “YNU,” which is more popular overseas than in Japan, was adopted as the official logo.

YNU Logo

YNU Slogan

Expresses determination and resolve to gain ever more trust and support as an international academic hub.

YNU Symbol

The seagull beating its wings against blue sky, carefree, represents a free spirit of learning that takes flight far into the future.

YNU Color

Process color: CMYK:C=100 M=60 Y=0 K=0
Web page color: RBG:R=0 G=91 B=172, color code:#005bac
This is royal blue that conjures images of wide expanses of water stretching from Yokohama to the world as well as deep intellect.

(Public Relations and Endowment Division)