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Issuance of Student Discount Cards

Passenger Fare Student Discount Cards (Student Discount Cards)

Purpose of issuing Student Discount Cards

The Passenger Fare Student Discount Card (Student Discount Card) system is not established based on the right-to-use of individual students, but to help reduce the financial burden on students and promote school education. Accordingly, Student Discount Cards can only be issued, as a rule, when students need to travel for the following purposes:

  1. Visiting home for holidays and other reasons
  2. Regular educational activities, including on-site experiments
  3. Special educational activities approved by school and extracurricular activities relating to sports and culture
  4. Examinations, etc., for career development and advancement to higher education
  5. Participation in field trips and events considered academically appropriate by school
  6. Medical treatment for injuries and illness, as well as handling of problems that may hamper students’ study
  7. Travel accompanying parents and other guardians

How to apply

You can obtain a Student Discount Card from the automatic certificate-issuing machine installed in the Student Center, the College of Economics building No. 1, and the hall of the Engineering Science administrative office building. Your Student ID Card and password are required for issuing the Student Discount Card. Long waiting lines form at the machines before long holidays, we recommend that you use the machine well ahead of time.

Precautions for use

If you improperly used the Student Discount Card, you may be charged triple the regular passenger fare; even worse, the issuance of the Student Discount Cards for all YNU students may be suspended. Please carefully read the precautions for use described on the reverse side of the Student Discount Cards and be aware of the following:

  1. The railway (JR) fare will be discounted by 20% for a one-way travel distance of 100 km or more.
  2. The valid period is three months after the issue date. The issue date cannot be corrected. Please be careful not to present an expired Student Discount Card by mistake at a station.
  3. Your Student Discount Card cannot be used by anyone else. You should never use another person’s Student Discount Card and never transfer your Student Discount Card to another person.
  4. There is no limit on the number of Student Discount Cards to be issued. However, please note that the cards can be issued only for the reasons stated above.
  5. Please carry your Student ID Card (issued after entrance ceremony for new students) with you when using your Student Discount Card to purchase a passenger ticket and when using the discounted passenger ticket.
  6. If you lose your Student Discount Card, please make sure to report it to the office of the Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department.

Passenger Fare Group Discount Certificate

Group tickets can be purchased at JR when at least eight students travel with a guardian (faculty member, etc.) (on the condition that everyone—the same number of people all the time—uses the same facilities, departs from and arrives at the same station, and takes the same route during the entire trip). Please fill in a group travel application form and a document required by YNU, and submit the application to the office of your college or graduate school if the trip is related to a regular course, or to the office of Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department if the trip is related to an extracurricular activity.

Student Commuter Pass Purchase Certificate

You can purchase a student commuter pass for the shortest commuting route between your present address and YNU. The route cannot be changed for part-time job and other reasons.

The Student Commuter Pass Purchase Certificate can be issued at the office of Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department. Your Student ID Card will be required when issuing the certificate.

The certificate can be used many times if there is no change in the commuting route. Please take care not to lose the certificate.

Be sure to present the certificate with your Student ID Card to a train station office when purchasing your student commuter pass.

If there is any change in the contents of the certificate, or if there is any missing information on your issued student commuter pass, please immediately return the certificate and arrange for reissue.

Please make sure to return your Student Commuter Pass Purchase Certificate if you have lost your student status due to graduation, withdrawal from YNU, etc.

Student commuter pass for practicum

You can use a temporary student commuter pass when you need it for practicum (including teaching practice), as well as graduation thesis research conducted outside YNU facilities. For more details, please contact the office of your college or graduate school.

(General Student Affairs Section, Student Support Division, Student Affairs Department)