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Counseling and Support System

Academic Advisor

When you encounter difficulties in your life or study, please consult your academic advisor or an international student advisor of each college/ graduate school. Since the system may vary by college, graduate school, or your year in university, please ask your college or graduate school for details.

(Each college/Graduate school)

Tutoring System

International students enrolled at YNU can have tutors (Japanese or senior international students) for two years after arrival in Japan in the case of undergraduates and one year in the case of graduate students or research students.
Tutors help international students studying Japanese and their major field and give guidance and assistance on and off campus (accompanying to local government offices to take care of paperwork and looking for housing, etc.) If you would like to have a tutor should consult your advisor.

(Student Support Division)

YNU Student Advisory Service (Nandemo Sodanshitsu)

All students of YNU can ask for advice about any problems or questions related to campus life and daily living at the Student Advisory Service. Student Advisory Service staff will help students find solutions to their problems.

How to Use the Student Advisory Service:

  1. Make an appointment by telephone or email or go directly to the Student Advisory Service.
  2. A Student Advisory Service staff member will listen to your problem / question.
  3. If necessary, the Student Advisory Service staff member will introduce you to a faculty member with specialized knowledge or a psychologist, depending on your problem or question.
  4. Counseling will be offered on a continuous basis if necessary.

YNU Student Advisory Service

Opening Hours: Weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (except 12:45 - 1:45 p.m.)
Place: The open space in 2nd floor lobby, the Student Center
Tel: 045-339-3184 E-mail: navi(atmark)ynu.ac.jp

(Student Support Division)

Office For Students with Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities provides support for disabled students enrolled in our university in cooperation with related departments and divisions of the University. The Office strives to ensure that disabled students can take full part in education and research as non-disabled students do.
The office staff will ask disabled students what kind of problems they are facing on campus, and will determine together the best support that can be provided. Feel free to ask the office staff if you are not sure whether you are eligible for the support from the Office for Students with Disabilities.
Those wishing for consultation should contact the consultation service desk, namely, the YNU Student Advisory Service.

(Student Support Division)

YNU 105 (Support Service by Student Staff at ISC)

At 105, Japanese students and foreign students interact with each other freely. 105 will be awaiting for you foreign and Japanese students.
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(Global Promotion Division)

ISL (International Students Lounge: Support Service by Student Staff)

ISL is a peer-support group for international students who belong to mainly science and engineering departments at YNU. Let us help you make your YNU life more comfortable and enjoyable!
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(Global Promotion Division)