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College of Economics

Degree: Bachelor of Economics
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The College of Economics aims to nurture students with an international outlook. Balancing theory and practice, students comprehensively study the basics of economics, working steadily towards specialization. Lectures and seminars in English are plentiful, and there is an emphasis on mathematics and statistical analysis. The Global Business and Economics education program, established in April 2017, offers Economics as a major and Business Administration as a minor, and has a mandatory study abroad component. Recent innovations include “Data Science EP (DSEP),” which nurtures economists who perform information processing and statistical analysis, and “Lawcal Business Economics EP (LBEEP),*” where students acquire a wide range of fundamental knowledge in Economics, Business Administration, and Data Science, based on Law and Political Science, with a view to problem-solving.
(*The term “Lawcal” is coined by combining the words “Law” and “Local”.)

Departments (Specializations)

  • Department of Economics