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College of Economics

Degree: Bachelor of Economics
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The College of Economics pursues truly international education that ensures a balance between theory and practice. In April 2017, the College adopted a system with just one department so that students can comprehensively study the basics of economics at the beginner’s level and select their own major and sub-major fields of study as they ascend to the intermediate stage and foster their specialties. The number of lectures and tutorials at the College provided in English has increased, as has the emphasis on mathematics and statistical analysis. Furthermore, the Global Business and Economics education program was established in April 2017 jointly with the College of Business Administration to develop competitive, talented people in global business. The program offers Economics as a major field of study and Business Administration as a sub-major, and requires students to participate in outbound study abroad.

Departments (Specializations)

  • Department of Economics