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College of Education

Degree: Bachelor of Education
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The College of Education aims to train teachers who understand various issues related to education from a comprehensive and multifaceted perspective, and who have acquired practical and advanced qualities and abilities. As the only national university in Kanagawa Prefecture with a college for teacher training, the college offers a practical and advanced curriculum that connects with the region and the world, and aims to produce human resources who can open up the future of education from a glocal perspective through teacher training in cooperation with the boards of education in the prefecture.

NB: The college does not take international students in the degree programs except Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship students.

Departments (Specializations)

  • Department of School Education (Language, Culture and Society / Science, Technology and Human Life / Arts, Health & Physical and Supporting Education)


College of Education (in Japanese) 新しいウインドウが開きます