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College of Engineering Science

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The College of Engineering Science consists of three departments ("Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering," "Chemistry and Life Science," and "Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science") offering ten education programs (EP) for specialized education. In the early stages of the curriculum, students can acquire academic grounding in mathematics, science, and engineering while studying the basics of specialized subjects. The curriculum then provides students with specialized education as they advance. The College is aimed at developing scientists with knowledge of engineering, as well as engineering researchers and engineers with knowledge of science.

Departments (Specializations)

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering (Mechanical Engineering / Materials Science and Engineering / System Design for Ocean-Space)
  • Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Science (Chemistry / Chemistry Applications / Life Science)
  • Department of Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Mathematical Sciences / Physics and Applied Physics / Electrical and Computer Engineering / Computer Science and Engineering)