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Graduate School of Education

Degree: Master of Education
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The Graduate School of Education offers two programs. First, the Master’s Program offers the following two courses: (1) the Education Design Course, in which new educational philosophies and methods can be developed and designed by combining educational science, subject pedagogy, and curricula; and (2) the Special-Needs Education and Clinical Psychology Course, where students can pursue the acquisition of advanced professional skills, including specialized teaching certificates for special needs education and qualifications for clinical psychologists. Furthermore, the Professional Degree Program (Professional School for Teacher Education) was established in April 2017 to examine educational issues faced by communities and schools, and to develop and train teachers who can play a core role in school management and proactively participate in school development.

Departments (Specializations)

Master’s Program

  • Department of Teacher Education (Education Design / Special Needs Education and Clinical Psychology)

Professional School

Professional School for Teacher Education