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Graduate School of Engineering Science

Degrees: Master of Science / Master of Engineering / Master of Philosophy in Engineering / Doctor of Science / Doctor of Engineering / Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering
Degree Programs Offered in English: All classes are taught in English at the graduate school.


The Graduate School of Engineering Science nurtures the development of talented people in engineering science who have knowledge of both science and engineering, while encouraging students to form a sense of morality and foster the knowledge and skills required to work the global level. Aiming to cultivate engineers and researchers who can make flexible and comprehensive judgments from a broad perspective to resolve as-yet unknown problems, the Master’s Program provides students with knowledge and skills developed through their specialized fields of study, a broad range of education on academic grounds, and research activities leading to the creation of original technology and knowledge. The Doctoral Program encourages students to conduct advanced research on issues they have identified and explored on their own initiative, ultimately developing talented people who can lead the progress of science and industry through their ability to disseminate ideas that can be widely accepted by society; in other words, highly capable and professional leaders who can create and drive innovation.

Departments (Specializations)

Master’s Program / Doctoral Program

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering (Mechanical Engineering / Materials Science Frontier / Systems Design for Ocean-Space / Aerospace Engineering)
  • Department of Chemistry and Life Science (Chemistry / Applied Chemistry / Energy and Sustainable Chemistry / Chemistry Applications and Life Science)
  • Department of Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Mathematical Sciences / Physics / Applied Physics / Information Systems / Electrical and Computer Engineering)


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