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Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences

Degrees: Master of Environment Science / Master of Engineering / Master of Science / Master of Information Science / Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Environment Science / Doctor of Engineering/ Doctor of Science / Doctor of Information Science / Doctor of Philosophy
Degree Programs Offered in English: N/A


The Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences integrates the disciplines of liberal arts and sciences under the umbrella of "environment" and "information." The School’s aim is to cultivate talented people who can contribute to establishing the Future Earth concept, a super-smart society, as well as safe, secure, and sustainable world. Comprising Departments of Artificial Environment, Natural Environment, and Information Environment, the Graduate School provides specialized education for each research field. The School offers the "Environmental Information Literacy Course," in which faculties introduce their own interdisciplinary integration in liberal arts and sciences, as well as the "Environmental Information Generic Skill Course," which cultivates versatile skills required of advanced professionals. Talented people emerge who can both acquire specialized knowledge with broad insight and global vision and smoothly communicate with people across different fields.

Departments (Specializations)

Master’s Program / Doctoral Program

  • Department of Artificial Environment (Safety, Environment and System Engineering / Environmental Science / Social Environment)
  • Department of Natural Environment (Ecology and Bioscience / Earth and Biological Science / Environmental Studies)
  • Department of Information Environment (Informatics / Mathematical Science / Information Studies)