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Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Degrees: Master of Engineering / Master of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy in Infrastructure Management Doctor of Engineering / Doctor of Philosophy (in Engineering) / Doctor of Philosophy
Degree Programs Offered in English: [Master Programs] International Development Engineering / Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) / International Infrastructure (IGSI) [Doctoral Programs] International Development Engineering


The Graduate School of Urban Innovation was established in April 2011 as a field of education and research on the rapidly changing urban environment and culture. Keywords are sustainability and creativity. In pursuing sustainable development from the aspects of architecture, urban environment, and urban infrastructure, as well as designing creative cities that will continuously nurture new cultures and creatively overcome conflicts caused by diverse cultures, the graduate school aims to provide not only academic research activities but also broad diverse perspectives on existing cities.

Departments (Specializations)

Master’s Program

  • Department of Architecture and Urban Culture (Architecture and Urban Culture / Architecture (Y-GSA) / Culture (Y-GSC))
  • Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society (Infrastructure and Urban Society / International Infrastructure (IGSI) / Infrastructure Management (IMP))

Doctoral Program

  • Department of Urban Innovation