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Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Degrees: Master of Engineering / Master of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy in Infrastructure Management Doctor of Engineering / Doctor of Philosophy (in Engineering) / Doctor of Philosophy
Degree Programs Offered in English: [Master Programs] International Infrastructure (IGSI) / Special graduate program〔Infrastructure〕 / Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) [Doctoral Programs] Special graduate program〔Infrastructure〕


The Graduate School of Urban Innovation focuses on the rapidly changing urban environment, culture, and society as the areas of education and research, and responds to urban issues by synthesizing and integrating urban-related research in such fields as the humanities and social sciences, arts and culture, architecture, and civil engineering from the perspective of sustainability and creativity. In the Master's Programs, students will be trained as highly-skilled professionals who aim to create a variety of innovations in cities and to promote the autonomous and continuous development of cities. In the Doctoral Programs, students will be trained to become leaders with a global and diverse perspective on urban innovation.

Departments (Specializations)

Master’s Program

  • Department of Architecture and Urban Culture (Architecture and Urban Culture / Architecture (Y-GSA) / Culture (Y-GSC))
  • Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society (Infrastructure and Urban Society / International Infrastructure (IGSI) / Infrastructure Management (IMP))

Doctoral Program

  • Department of Urban Innovation