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YNU research initiative

The advent of a new millennium has renewed our awareness of global-scale challenges such as living in harmony with the environment, tackling uneven distribution of resources, and handling cross-cultural conflicts. The role of science in addressing these issues and supporting the well-being of all humankind has never been more significant.
This publication outlines the "YNU Research Initiative 2010: A Key Institute for Applied Academic Endeavor" formulated by Yokohama National University. This Research Initiative will be used as the framework for establishing our identity as an academic institution that creates and applies knowledge founded in scientific inquiry.

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  1. Concept
    Research concept: Creation and Application of Knowledge
  2. Policy
    Research Activity Policy: Advanced Research and Training
  3. Action
    Action: Continual Evolution
  4. Tie-up
    Community Tie-ups:Application of Knowledge and Furtherance
    of Practice-Oriented Research

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