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About This Site

Basic Site Creation Policy

The official Yokohama National University web site (http://www.ynu.ac.jp/ and pages underneath this URL, and the various web sites of different colleges and graduate schools linked from this web site) is a place to provide a wide range of information related to the university, while giving consideration to the appropriateness, accuracy, and freshness of provided information.
The information provided by the official Yokohama National University is managed to make sure the following types of information are not included. Linked information is also regarded as being created with a verification of this basic policy.

  1. Information that goes against general public order and morals
  2. Information that infringes the law, such as copyright violation
  3. Information that libels, defames, or violates the privacy of an individual or organization
  4. Information with the purpose of commercial gain
  5. Methods to access information sources that contain information that meets any of the conditions listed above

Site management and operation

This web site (http://www.ynu.ac.jp/ and pages underneath this URL) is managed and operated by the Yokohama National University Corporation's National University Public Relations Committee.
The web sites for each college/graduate school linked from this web site, and pages linked from their web sites, are managed and operated under the responsibility of the web site authors and the respective colleges/graduate schools.

About links

The top page of this web site (http://www.ynu.ac.jp/) may be freely linked to, in most cases. Note, however, that links from web sites that may be disadvantageous to Yokohama National University are strictly prohibited. Also, note that the university cannot be held responsible for problems caused by links. Finally, the practice of displaying this web site within a frame inside your own web site is prohibited.

About copyrights

The National University Corporation Yokohama National University owns copyrights for the official Yokohama National University website. Unauthorized duplication of the contents of this web site is a copyright infringement.

(Contact: Public Relations Committee)

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