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International Student House

This is a dormitory established in 1981 for international students. Although it takes about 45 minutes to commute to YNU, the dormitory is located near a shopping street and close to a subway station that provides easy access to the center of Yokohama.

Address and the nearest stations

2-31-1 Ooka, Minami-ku, Yokohama 232-0061
TEL: 045-742-2845
Commuting time to YNU
About 45 minutes, including walks from the dormitory to the nearest subway station and from Mitsuzawa-kamicho Station to YNU
Nearest stations
A 3-minute walk from Gumyoji Station (Yokohama Municipal Subway)


Entrance Period
In April and October
Eligibility for residence
International students (except Accredited auditors and Auditors) enrolling in YNU. However,students who receive a grant of exceeding 100,000 yen per month from YNU, dispatching institution or other organizations are not eligible for residence of single room.
Period of residence
No more than one year (however, an extension of no more than one year may be permitted if there is a vacancy.)
128 single rooms, 10 twin rooms (for married couples), and 10 family rooms
※Single rooms are divided into men's area, women's area and mixed area.
Total number of rooms

Expenses paid by residents

Room types Boarding fee Maintenance fee Room size
Single room ¥5,900 ¥9,190 16㎡
Twin room ¥9,500 ¥14,380 33㎡
Family room ¥11,900 ¥15,800 42㎡

Applications for residence in International Student House (early January to mid-February/early July)
Information on applications for residence and the procedure:
URL: http://www.gakuseisupport.ynu.ac.jp/dormitory/ 新しいウィンドウが開きます

Room equipment

For all room types
Bed(s), desk, desk light, chair, drawers, kitchen, bath unit, toilet, air conditioner, LAN Internet (the LAN cable should be prepared by each resident.)
For twin and family rooms
Dining table set and cupboards in addition to the abovementioned equipment


Lounge, meeting room, Japanese tatami room, study room, library, laundry room (with coin-operated machine), beverage dispenser corner, public phone (one for domestic calls and one for international calls)

Contact Student Support Section, Student Support Division
Student Affairs Department
Yokohama National University
79-8 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku,
Yokohama 240-8501 JAPANN
TEL: 045-339-3190

(Student Support Section)

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