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YNU Alumni Meeting in Shanghai

Wonderful opportunity to renew your friendship! YNU is organizing 2014 Alumni Meeting in Shanghai on May 23rd (Fri). We are expecting to have many international and Japanese alumni who are living or visiting Shanghai on this occasion. Please inform of this special event to other YNU alumni around you. We look forward to seeing many of you there! Please apply soon! Thank you.

Date & Time

May 23rd, 2014 (Fri) from 7:00pm


上海中福大酒店Charms Hotel

〒200-01 中国上海黄浦区九江路619号 (People's Square)
Tel : 021-53594900



Faculty and Administrative Members from YNU

〇Kunio SUZUKI, President
〇Hitoshi YAMADA, Executive Director & Vice President
〇Hiroyuki NAKAMURA, Professor, Dean, College of Business Administration
〇Yuichi HASEBE,Professor,Graduate School of Iternational Social Sciences
〇Peijun GUO,Professor,Graduate Schoolof International Social Sciences
〇 Hiroyuki Yagi, Professor, Graduate School of International Social Sciences, Director of Center for Economic Growth Strategy
〇Haoyuan XU,Professor,Information Technology Service Center
〇Hisami ANDRADE,Associate Professor,International Strategy Organization
〇Mihoko MATSUYUKI, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Urban Innovation
〇Hironori KITAZAWA, General Affairs Dept. Public Relations Office
〇Yoko Ito, Manager, International Office


If you wish to participate, please fill in the attached application form, and send it to Global Alumni Network before May 19th (Mon). We appreciate if you can apply as soon as possible.

@ of below e-mail address is image, please enter @ manually when you send the e-mail to us.


Global Alumni Network
メールアドレス:global.alumni ynu.ac.jp


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