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YNU Alumni Meeting in Beijing

Wonderful opportunity to renew your friendship! YNU is organizing 2012 Alumni Meeting in Beijing on August 5th(Sun). We are expecting to have many international and Japanese alumni who are living or visiting Beijing on this occasion. Please inform of this special event to other YNU alumni around you. we look forward to seeing many of you in August!

Date, Time & Venue

August 5th, 2012 (Sun) from 6:30 p.m
Zhi Li Hui Guan
http://www.zhilihuiguan.com/index.htm (Chinese)
Tel: +86-10-6276-2828/2929


100 CNY

Faculty and administrative members from YNU

〇 Kunio SUZUKI, President
〇 Hitoshi YAMADA, Vice President
〇 Shin MORISHITA, Dean,Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
〇 Taro AKIYAMA, Professor,College of Economics
〇 Tadayoshi MURATA, Emeritus Professor
〇 Takeshi ISOYAMA, Director,Facilities Department
〇 Yoko ITO, Head,International Division
〇 Miyuki MIZUTANI, Section Chief, Industry-University Cooperation Division


If you wish to participate in this YNU Alumni Meeting in Beijing, please fill out the attached application form and send it to International Division before July 27 (Fri).

Yokohama National University
General Affairs Department , International Division , International Planning Section

TEL:+81-45-339-3036 , FAX:+81-45-339-3039


International Division


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