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Fulbright visit to YNU

In April 2015, Professor Claudius Claiborne of Texas Southern University, USA, will spend a term as a Fulbright Visiting Lecturer at College of Economics. YNU and Fulbright have a long history of collaboration, dating back to 1957 when the first Fulbright scholar came to our campus. Over the years, YNU has played host to many Fulbright scholars in various fields including Education, Physical Chemistry and Labor Economics. Professor Claiborne, whose area is Marketing, will be the sixth Fulbright scholar to teach at YNU.

In preparation for Professor Claiborne’s sojourn at YNU, Fulbright’s Executive Director Mr. Matthew Sussman and Grant Manager Ms. Jinko Brinkman paid a visit to YNU on Monday, February 16. They met with various members of staff including Dean Yukihiko Ishiyama, Professor Yoshiaki Omori, Head of the IMAP/ IPHD program, Professor Alexander McAulay, the liaison in Economics for Fulbright, Professor Kenji Hasegawa of the JOY Program, and various representatives from YNU’s College of Business Management and International Office.

In the morning, Mr. Sussman and Ms. Brinkman toured the various campus facilities Professor Claiborne will make use of. Fulbright are keen to have their visiting scholars integrate into the campus culture, and so were pleased to see the lounges that house informal coffee sessions among faculty members. The office Professor Claiborne will have is situated in the heart of Economics faculty offices so he will have ample opportunity to meet colleagues. As College of Economics has an active schedule of Visiting Professors every year, Fulbright were assured that this know-how would be utilized to ensure an enjoyable and productive term for Professor Claiborne. At the International Office, Manager Yoko Ito explained the ongoing internationalization of the YNU campus and outlined some events that might be of interest to Professor Claiborne.

At lunch, various YNU stakeholders enjoyed an informative exchange with our Fulbright visitors, exploring not only the upcoming visit, but future collaborations that may be of mutual benefit.

Professor Claiborne will teach three courses during the Spring 2015 term here at YNU. Students should watch the notice boards and YNU website for details of these courses.

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