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Department of Economics Euro-Japan Dialogue Reunion Party

On May 11th, a reunion party for all cohorts of the Euro-Japan Dialogue was held in Shinagawa. Organised by 2012 member Kan Yanazawa, the event attracted over 50 members who enjoyed comparing their experiences on various university campuses over the years. In the last seven years the programme has visited Erfurt, Pisa, Cardiff, Paris, Oulu, Bonn, Zlin, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Malta, Osnabruck and Istanbul. Various topics have been researched and analysed from an economics perspective, such as Youth Unemployment, Nuclear Power, Natural Disaster Preparedness, Gender Roles, and Multiculturalism. And perhaps most importantly, friendships have been made and great memories attained in the role of ambassadors for YNU with our European partner institutions.

Not only veterans of the programme attended the party. This year’s cohort also took part in order to meet with and benefit from the experience of their seniors. With all previous seven cohorts represented at the event, there was a wealth of practical advice on offer. This year the hosting institutions are University of Glasgow, Scotland, and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. This will be the first time to visit two English-speaking nations on Euro-Japan Dialogue, and will undoubtedly prove a stiffer challenge than in the past. The current cohort made the most of this opportunity to begin their preparation by enjoying the food, wine and advice at this social event.
Euro-Japan party participants
Euro-Japan party participants

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