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Message from the President

Regarding Tohoku District -off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake

Tohoku District -off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake has been causing an unprecedented catastrophe. We would like to pray for those who lost their lives and express our sincere sympathy to the afflicted people and those living in the disaster areas.

To All Students

We are concerned with your safety. Please reply to the email we sent to each of you to confirm your safety. Also, we would like to ask you to try to obtain accurate information from reliable sources through television, radio and online reports, and to act calmly and cautiously.

To All faculty and administrative staff

Please respond to this unprecedented catastrophe in a sincere manner, and perform your own duty safely and properly.

To Our International Partners

We have been receiving heartfelt messages from all over the world. Thank you very much for your concern. We would like to tell you that YNU is safe. Fortunately, we did not suffer any serious damage. Yokohama, the city in which our university locates, is 400 km away from the epicenter and tsunami was not very high (It is some 250 km away from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant). We have not heard of any injuries of our students, faculty and administrative staff.

March 14, 2011
Kunio Suzuki
Yokohama National University

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