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Message from President: Standing at the Beginning of the New Academic Year

Tohoku District – off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake has wreaked untold damage and so many precious lives were lost. Prolonged life as evacuees and the threat of nuclear accident have caused confusion and anxiety in the mind of many and affected our daily living.

YNU has so far taken countermeasures for the earthquake and its aftermath on the basis of safety of the students first. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of Individual Entrance Examination and Commencement Ceremony. YNU campus has been almost unscathed by the earthquake and its educational and research environment remains intact; the students and researchers may concentrate on studying and research activities without anxiety.

Standing at the beginning of the academic year 2011, the academic and administrative staff of YNU will work together, with safety and reassurances as the first priority, to fulfil the role of academic center by ensuring that the students can focus on studying. I urge each student and staff member of YNU to think what they are required of and what they are capable of in the course of fulfilling their duty.

Finally, a group of interested employees at YNU has started to collect donations for the affected people. I never cease to pray for the quick restoration and reconstruction of their life.

April 1, 2011
Kunio Suzuki
Yokohama National University

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