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Financial Assistance for Accommodation Fee associated with Self-Quarantine for International Students (AY2022)

As of 1st March 2022, the Japanese government has relaxed border security measures and the new entry of international students is permitted again. YNU will provide international students with the financial assistance for the accommodation fee associated with self-quarantine. Applicants must submit all required documents via SPIRAL (online application form) after arriving in Japan.


International students who fall under the conditions specified by the Japanese government are required to stay at a hotel arranged by the university (*university dormitories and acquaintance's homes are not allowed) and self-quarantine for the number of days specified from the day of arrival in Japan under the current Measures for Border Enforcement. Since international students are responsible for all expenses for the self-quarantine, YNU will provide the following financial assistance for them to reduce their financial burden to start their student life in Japan.


Applicants must satisfy all the following conditions from 1) to 3):
1) International students who are enrolled as Regular undergraduate or graduate students, Research students (kenkyusei) , Exchange Students (JOY Program, Japanese Language and Japanese Culture Program etc.).
2) Those who entered Japan with a newly issued visa on or after 1st March 2022.
3) Those who entered Japan by the procedures specified by the university. (Use of JTB’s AMARYS web system is mandatory, except for MEXT students.)

In principle, the following students are NOT eligible.
- Students who have received financial assistance for accommodation fee associated with self-quarantine by the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT), foreign governments or other institutions such as JICA or World Bank.
- Fellows of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
- Accredited auditors (kamokuto rishusei) and auditors (chokosei)

Amount of Financial Assistance

10,000 yen per night (up to a maximum of 50,000 yen).
* This financial assistance will only be provided if the student stays in a hotel arranged by the university for self-quarantine. It will not be provided if the student stays in accommodation facilities secured by the quarantine station or at home such as a private apartment.
* This financial assistance is not provided for cancellations of hotels arranged by the university, except in cases where a change in the classification of countries/regions results in the cancellation. In this case, please contact to International Students Section.
*This financial assistance is One-time only in AY2022.

Number of Recipients

Around 50

How to Apply

Please fill out the online application form(SPIRAL)and upload the necessary documents as soon as they are ready.
[Required documents]
- Copies of receipts for accommodation expenses
- Copies of bankbook (the page with your account information)
- Copies (both sides) of residence card
[Application Deadline]
5:00 pm, Tuesday, January 31, 2023
●Application Form(SPRAL)新しいウィンドウが開きます


The financial assistance is to be paid by bank transfer from the month following the month in which all required documents have been submitted.

Preservation of Documentary Evidence

Recipients are required to keep the documents which can prove the need of financial assistance, such as the receipts for accommodation expenses, until the end of March 2023, and submit them at the request of YNU.

Refund of Financial Assistance

Recipients will be required to refund the full amount of the financial assistance in the following cases:
1) It becomes clear that they have violated the content of the written pledge regarding the border security measures.
2) It becomes clear that they have made a false declaration.
3)They fail to submit a copy of documentary evidence in response to a request from YNU.
4)They get disciplinary action or involved in illegal action.
5)Other than above: The need for emergency support is not recognized.

Contact Information

International Students Section
Yokohama National University
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email address.
Note: Put your Student ID in the subject line when making inquiries.
Please send inquiries from your YNU email address.

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