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The YOKOHAMA Socrates Program will be starting

In April 2024, the YOKOHAMA Socrates Program (YNU Program for SOCially Resilient And susTainable EcoSystems) will be starting. The new program will be centered around the issues and methodologies in the humanities and social sciences related to the twin themes of social resilience and social sustainability. It is a bilingual global education program in the YNU College of Urban Sciences enabling students to obtain a bachelor’s degree with English and Japanese as common languages. In the first years after admission, students will take courses in English, in addition to Japanese language courses if their Japanese language proficiency is not native level. After they obtain the required level of Japanese language proficiency, students will later be able to join classes and seminars in Japanese together with students in the College of Urban Sciences. Students will participate in small classes, including seminars conducted through the dialogue-based Socratic method. Graduation theses will be co-supervised by two faculty members who will advise students with the aim of enabling them to utilize appropriate methodology for thinking deeply with their own minds about issues of our times in completing their works.

We plan on publicizing information about admission and the curriculum in March.

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