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YNU Requires Graduates' commitment to University Rankings

Dear YNU Graduates,

I hereby give my gratitude to your usual cooperation to development of your alma mater, Yokohama National University.
Universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions all over the world have recently been put into various university rankings organized by agents and enterprises for such ranking surveys, and integrated into a certain list of criteria, for example, with which an international student will select his/ her future education institution to be enrolled. We YNU of course have been making efforts to be ranked as high as possible day by day.

Such survey enterprises will sometimes carry out interviews to the graduates of universities in scope. Graduates’ contribution and success in the society may give a big impact to such a university ranking.

Now, I would like to ask you to help YNU with the following two things:

1)When you move to another company or organization and/ or get another title, please give the information to YNU Alumni Associations as early and allowable as possible.
2)When you receive an inquiry to answer a survey or an interview, please actively allow time to do so as much as possible.

I well know you have a great deal of work every day, however, I would like to expect the cooperative and “compatriot” spirit of you all, YNU alumni, for the further development of your alma mater.

Professor Fumihiko Nakamura
Executive Director, Vice-President in International / External Relations
Yokohama National University

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